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tours-to-india-india-face2face-toursLIESEL OPPERMAN – Teacher


How do you comment on something that changed your life forever? With great difficulty and a lot of gratitude! In December 2004, I went to India for the first time on a Face-to-Face tour. I had no real desire to visit India – it was simply the only option that presented itself to me, as I was then living in a small little town and I decided to grab this opportunity out of shear boredom. Little did I know how that decision would impact the rest of my life! For the first time in my life I came face to face with the pure joy of living, even if it is living your whole life in a single block in the inner city of Mumbai. I saw breath-taking beauty and smelled mesmerising fragrances on every street corner. I saw devotion to religion and family as never seen before. I experienced the joy people can take from doing the most mundane of tasks, as if it is their life’s calling. For this I have to thank Pieter and Naydene, for allowing me to see India through their eyes. Their passion and love for this undefinable place that could be felt pouring from their hearts. I have since been back to India 9 times and have introduced almost 30 other people to this place of contrasts. My first Face-to Face tour opened my eyes to how fortunate and blessed, I am. The tour was perfectly designed to introduce newcomers to India to its splendours and opportunities. There was ample time to explore and learn about India, to spend time learning as a group and for quiet contemplation. Having since travelled to India by myself, I appreciate how easy things were made for us – no worries about where the next meal will come from or how you will get from place A to place B! This is an opportunity of a lifetime – you cannot lose. What you can gain though is a new appreciation for life and a love that will last forever…


tours-to-india-india-face2face-toursDENICE CARR – Chartered Accountant


We travelled in a group with 4 couples.  Our organizer was Naydene Liebenberg who, through her numerous contacts and amazing knowledge of all things “India” was able to ensure an efficiently run trip. She was with our group the entire trip and very hands on. All the arrangements for transport and tickets etc. were done by her and all went smoothly without a hitch.Our accommodation was also pre-arranged and very comfortable and clean. We stayed in accommodation not of the main stream tourist type.  We got a very true India experience.The days were packed with outings and experiences which truly made this trip the most wonderful trip that I have ever been on.I fully recommend joining a tour like this that has been arranged by Naydene.


tours-to-india-india-face2face-toursANTOINETTE ACKERMANN – Orthodontist


There is not a country that can be compared to India. India is one of a kind, exceptional, colourful and overwhelming. Naydene and Pieter escorted our group through the crowds of people, jam-packed trains to beautiful, peaceful “oases” from where we could explore and experience to our hearts delight.  From the old hotel in Delhi’s buzzing bazaar street, to a hotel with a beautiful garden in Jaipur, to a room with a view over the  blue city in Jodhpur to a tent under the stars of the Thar desert in Jaisalmer.  Each area captured the attention and fascination from the food and the architecture to the history and the arts and crafts, but above all, the people. What an adventure! Thank you, Naydene and Pieter for an unforgettable experience.




Abri – Wedding planner and caterer

India was the last destination that I have ever considered visiting.  After meeting Naydene and Pieter who represented India with so much enthusiasm my wife and I decided to join.  I am a wedding planner and owner of a catering business and was told that I would be able to buy everything from handicrafts and lace to material and lamps and much more, which Naydene then helped me to export without difficulty.  A whole new world opened up and as a result of how easy Naydene has made India and finding my way around, I have been back to India 4 times. India has captured my being and exceeded my expectations especially the food and the people but most of all the shopping.  I love India and am so grateful for the opportunity to have been introduced to India.  India should be on every person’s bucket list. Thank you so much Naydene and Pieter.

Mariana – Teacher

From the minute we sat foot on Indian soil I was fascinated by it all – from the friendliest faces to the colours, tastes and smells.  I have never experienced anything like India.  We were treated to the fascinating Hippie / shopping streets of Paharganj in Delhi to a 5 star breakfast at the Imperial Hotel, shopping for the most beautiful fabrics and jewellery,  riding on an elephant in Jaipur, sleeping in a beautiful garden Palace Hotel in Jaipur and a desert camel safari in Jaisalmer. India has over exceeded all my expectations.  Naydene has truly been an outstanding guide and made our experience a very memorable stay. Without her guidance we would have never been able to see and experience India the way we did.


tours-to-india-india-face2face-toursTHERESA RAUTENBACH – Teacher


Face to Face with Pieter and Naydene was an experience that will stay with me forever.  India is exactly what you make of it. This country is not a place you merely “see”, it’s an assault on all the senses and a journey that’s impossible to define because it’s so different for everyone.  There is however one thing for sure – no matter where you go or what you do it’s a place you will never forget.  Since my first trip in 2005 I have been twice again. Thank you so much for your guidance Naydene and Pieter, without It, it would never have been possible.


tours-to-india-india-face2face-toursLINDELL VAN DER WALT – Blacksmith and portrait artist


I had the privilege to be introduced to India by Face to Face Tours, organized by Naydene Liebenberg.  The trip was very well organized – we were actually spoilt by the way we were looked after.  All entrance fees and guides were pre-arranged so that we could just feast our eyes and work our cameras to the limit.

Every single instance, place or person is a photo opportunity In India. We had all our train trips (so exciting) booked and paid for, all we needed to take care of was our own expenses. Of course India is a shopping mecca, so the days we had free, we put that to good use. It was a trip to treasure and remember.


tours-to-india-india-face2face-toursELSIE BOOYSEN – Housewife


In 2004 a friend and I decided to undertake a trip to the unknown India through Naydene. What at first seemed like a scary prospect, turned into a wonderful experience. We could shop until we dropped, but the best part was getting to know the people and the culture of India. Our flight landed in Delhi and jet-lagged we were off on our first adventure – the Rajdhani train trip from Delhi to Jaipur, which turned out to be an experience on its own. By day it is a normal passenger train but by night you sleep on the train overflowing with curios, yet very friendly and helpful people. In Jaipur we stayed over in the Diggi Palace with its old worldly charm where you experience a bit of the world of the rich of old. There you will find an old man, painting the most beautiful little pictures – a must to buy a few to take home. From there we continued our journey to Jodhpur, where we were fortunate to witness the elegance of an authentic Indian wedding. The men on their horses, all lit up in fairy lights and the graceful women in their colourful clothing on their way to the banquet hall. Our journey then took us on to Jaisalmer where we stayed in an old fort. Next on the agenda was a camel ride in the dessert followed by a night under the Indian stars with our camels being looked after by Atshoo, a young Indian boy. Following Jaisalmer we went on to Pushkar, a breath-taking beautiful city next to a lake. Thank you to Naydene that showed us all the different facets of India, from the extreme poor to the extreme rich, from the prettiest handicrafts to the colours and smells so unique to India.  We shopped and shopped without worrying how we were going to get everything through customs once back home. When you’ve been to India once, you become intoxicated; you just want to return time and time again. This was my first tour with Naydene but not the last – twice I have returned with her as tour guide. She is very experienced and skilled in her planning and makes everything on the tour as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.


tours-to-india-india-face2face-toursFELIX ROSENBAUM – ORELIA Restaurant and Food  Supplier


I have never thought of India as a destination and was invited on a Face to Face trip with Naydene and Pieter.  I must admit India far exceeded my expectations and I fell in love with this country and its people.  India can’t be explained but rather experienced.  Photos tell one story that the real experience can’t put to words.  How do you explain a train trip with crowds of people everywhere you look?  We were well looked after, all our arrangements were taken care of, all we needed to do was drink in every moment with memories to keep a life time. I will definitely visit India again.


tours-to-india-india-face2face-toursSTEVEN BASSON – Architect


My tour of India’s Golden Triangle being New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer which also included Mumbai was arranged by Pieter and Naydene as tour organizers and tour guides.  This was an unforgettable experience and surely one which will be imprinted in my memory for life.The tour was extremely well organized and the itinerary catered for all expectations of the tour group individuals, ranging from shopping to architectural, historical and leisure. What an incredible way to have experienced India, a country of such diversity and culture.


HELENE VENTER – Fashion Designer / Photographer


Naydene’s cheerful personality and knowledge of India and it’s people made this trip an unforgettable trip. From Mumbai to Delhi / Jaipur/ Jodhpur / Jaiselmer and Agra , riding on an elephants back and visiting the countryside and the people of Rajansthan on our first, but definitely not our last trip to India. Our accommodation suited each location from the old Palace in Jaipur to the desert tent in Jaiselmer. Absolutely a fantastic trip!


tours-to-india-india-face2face-toursANNETJIE ANDREWS – House wife


The new friends I made and the very experienced and well organized Naydene and Pieter made it an unforgettable tour. They had everything so well planned. We all wanted to visit India for different reasons and we got so much more than what we bargained for.   We visited the REAL India and experienced real Indian life – on and off the beaten track – dirt, poverty, pollution, crowds and yes…cows. All this opened my eyes to how blessed I am. The whole trip from meals, accommodation, transport, shopping, outings to train trips and desert camel safari were unforgettable. We visited old castles and buildings as well as the incredible Taj Mahal. You must add this trip to your bucket list.  Face to Face is TOPS.


tours-to-india-india-face2face-toursLEON AND RALIE CRONJE


Leon – (retired)

My wife and I were invited by our friends Abri and Mariana on a trip to India.  My wife owns a clothing boutique and were told by Naydene that she would show us the best places to do shopping.  I have always had a love for old architecture and furniture and was fascinated by the old buildings dating from the early 1400 as well as the opportunity to visit some of the largest furniture export companies.  Everything was made so easy and we would never have been able to experience what we have seen on any other organized tour. We had a lot of free time to explore and as a result of how easy we found the trip organized we have visited India and Nepal on another trip.  Thank you Naydene and Pieter for a wonderful experience.

Ralie – (Boutique owner)

I own a ladies clothing boutique and has always wanted to travel to India for shopping but has never felt brave enough.  So when the opportunity came I jumped at it.  Our trip covered areas of shopping where your average tourist would never get to shop and see.  We also experienced wonderful Indian hospitality, delicious food from a 5 star breakfast at the Imperial Hotel to very basic local Indian restaurants. Our accommodation also varied from a beautiful Palace in Jaipur owned by the original family to a tent in the desert.  A visit to the Taj Mahal was one of my favorites.  Thank you Naydene and Pieter for showing us a country with so many faces and places.  India is definitely one of my best travel experiences I have had.


tours-to-india-india-face2face-toursANNETTE ADLAM – Interior Decorator


INDIA LEFT ME SPEECHLESS.. The only way I could think to describe it, was with something like, “A Living Contradiction in Harmony…” To this day, my visit to India is something that has changed the way I think, changed the way I see things, changed the way I feel, changed the way I experience what once before was “nothing..” to me. People who have “nothing”. Or at least what I perceived to be “something”, they did not have.. So I thought. I left a month later, wishing that “what they had” would rub off on me… An appreciation for being alive, with another kind of gratitude.. face and eyes beaming with inner contentment – even sleeping in the streets.. In general, no judgement, no envy, no discontent.. And then, out of the squalor, would appear the most perfect piece of wood carved furniture, pride on the face of the maker….

To have travelled to India with Naydene and Pieter Liebenberg, was probably the number one reason for experiencing India so intensely, so First Hand, so understandable. As a couple who have travelled, worked and got married there, they know exactly what it is about the country that makes for an unforgettable experience. Travel arrangements were seamless, encounters with “old friends” aplenty, and their knowledge and familiarity with the land, proved to be incomparable. We found a “home away from home”, wherever we went .. A lesson at Life, and at the same time a holiday filled with the creation of many a Moment of Magic Memories!