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I lost my heart twice in my life – the first time was when I traveled to Varanasi, India, and two years later to the man I married!  Eighteen years later , this love story continues and every year, it grows more intensely…….!

Stories of the World, a company I started in 2000 afforded me the opportunity to travel to India on a regular basis to import a variety of goods such as unique furniture, soft jewel-coloured furnishings, as well as clothes, shoes and jewellery, which I sold at various local markets in South-Africa and from the comfort of my home in Henley on Klip, south of Johannesburg.

It was during one of these trips, while I was searching for unique pieces of arts and crafts, that I finally realised that I had to share the diverse beauty of India and the charm of its gentle people, by bringing friends along with me!  Face2Face Tours was established in 2004 and we have never looked back since!

With the main focus on adventure, ample time for shopping and cooking with the local people, we set ourselves apart from the mainstream tour operators, operating on strict time schedules and other restrictions!

By avoiding all the tourist traps, we take you straight to all the gems India has to offer her visitors!

If you are a traveller who wants to be surrounded by breathtaking beauty, the aroma of sensuous spices, the need to connect to the gentle Indian people and you can handle the  smooth with the rough – YOU are the ideal person to join us on our next tour to the jewel of the East!

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Naydene Liebenberg