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Tours To Morocco With Face2Face Tours


My journey with Morocco started 25 years ago when I met my friend Mostapha, who also owned the very first Moroccan restaurant in Pretoria.

As a result of our friendship and my introduction to Moroccan cuisine, I simply had to visit the country.

During my first visit, I was lucky to be able to explore the land as a “local”, visiting Mostapha’s family and friends throughout the country. The highlight of my first trip was to visit Mostapha’s grandparents in Asni, in their beautiful 17 room traditional Berber mud and brick home.

On subsequent visits to Morocco, I exported goods for my then company, “Stories of the world”.

This afforded me the luxury of travelling through Morocco, buying beautiful artifacts from Rabat, Fes and Marrakesh.

With this amazing experience and wonderful memories of the country and its people, I decided to add Morocco to my small tours company Face 2 Face Tours for all to enjoy and experience true Moroccan hospitality.

A tour to Morocco with Face 2 Face Tours is an amazing adventure where you can enjoy cooking, shopping and lots of photo opportunities in true Moroccan style!

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